We are open Monday thru Friday 8am-4:30pm for normal Service & Maintenance, We never charge overtime. A technician is on call for Emergency Service Monday-Friday 4:30pm-6pm and Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm... Fall Maintenance season starts September 26 - December 1st. Be safe and get your Heating System checked out and tuned-up before there is a problem...... 9-16-2022 Due to recent availability, cost, phaseout of CFC R-22 and 2023 Dept of Energy Protocol, We are no longer be carrying this refrigerant or will be using any alternative refrigerants to retrofit CFC R-22.** See the Notifications page below for complete details....Worried about Covid? We follow guidelines and offer devices to rid your home of covid and viruses... Check out the video below to see how you can get a Reme-Halo Led installed on your system.**
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15 Point System Maintenance Contract

Keep your system maintained on a regular schedule so we can help prevent costly repairs and high utility cost. We offer 10% off parts and labor on all Bill Owens Service Contracts. This is to keep your system operating at its top performance, at the lowest cost! (averages about an hour per system per visit, 2 visits per year)

We offer both after-hour / weekend (emergency) service for our regular and contract customers.


Call Brian Owens at (423) 842-8081 for a free estimate on new installation and replacement. If you have comments or suggestions, please complete email form on Contact Us.


Spring Maintenance


  1. Check operating pressures.
  2. Check voltages and amperages.
  3. Check temperature drop across evaporator.
  4. Check refrigerant charge.
  5. Check evaporator superheat.
  6. Lubricate all moving parts as needed.
  7. Check filters.
  8. Check thermostat.
  9. Check pressure safety switch.
  10. Check electrical disc. switch at unit.
  11. Check starting contractor contacts.
  12. Check all wiring and connections inside unit.
  13. Check that condensate drain is open.
  14. Check air temperature across condenser.
  15. List any discrepancies & inform customer on problems that need attention.

Fall Maintenance


  1. Check and adjust thermostat.
  2. Clean and adjust all safety controls.
  3. Vacuum clean burners and controls.
  4. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
  5. Adjust burner for efficiency.
  6. Check for gas leaks in furnace.
  7. Lubricate all moving parts.
  8. Check belt and adjust tension.
  9. Check filters.
  10. Check condition of flue pipe.
  11. Check all wiring and connections.
  12. Adjust pressure regulator.
  13. Check voltages and amperages.
  14. Check heat exchanger for cracks.
  15. Check total performance of heating system. List any issues to customer.



Also: Condenser coils will be cleaned once yearly. Note: If fall check is for heat pump, then a separate 15 point check will be used.
"Brian, your guys really rock. Everything looked perfect with the installation. My wife says the new Trane unit looks pretty but I love the performance. Tell your guys, thank you for a great job." -Steve Maples
"I want to thank everyone who assisted in getting my central heating and air unit installed. Everyone was great and explained everything to me. I will definitely recommend your company to friends." -Teresa Ivey
"Brian, everything about the service your company provided during the installation of our HVAC system was top notch. We're also very happy with the performance of the new unit." -Rick Gehrke
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